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Kindly note this domain has been used to run india's greatest online EXTORTION RACKET since 2010 by some of india's most shameless greedy fraud ntro, raw, cbi employees led by shameless gujju scammers parmar, nikhil sha, tushar parekh, j srinivasan, puneet, to criminally defame the domain investor, making 100% fake cheating allegation and get their lazy greedy scammer girlfriends especially kolhapur/panaji sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani, her scammer sons karan, nikhil, indore robber deepika/veena, goan bhandari sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar and other high status well connected frauds who never invested any money in domains, raw/cbi jobs faking domain ownership , online income at the expense of the real domain investor

As part of google's extremely vicious slander campaign to destroy the finances, life and reputation of a google competitor who had a better 1989 JEE rank than google ceo sundar pichai, shameless fraud NTRO, CBI, google, tata, security agency employees led by the gujju frauds parmar, nikhil sha,tushar parekh are involved in CRIMINAL DEFAMATION of the domain investor spreading false rumors about the ownership of this and other domains, without providing any financial proof in a major financial racket since 2010 wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money.

It is an indication of the extreme dishonest, lack of honesty and humanity in the government and society, that well paid greedy governmnent employees especially gujju frauds parmar, nikhil sha,tushar parekh, goan bhandari sunaina chodan, pritesh chodankar, puneet, are allowed to waste taxpayer money to criminally defame harmless hardworking citizens without any legally valid proof, only because they HATE the single woman, and wish to destroy her life. These greedy government employees are extremely malicious and abuse their powers to DUPE companies, countries and people with their lies.

The domain investor had lived mostly alone in Mumbai from 1989, and she did not usually face problems because she never cheated anyone and anyone making fake cheating allegations would immediately face a criminal defamation case. The criminal defamation, slander since 2010, was effective mainly because of the fake help fraud of the cunning top ntro employee, mhow monster puneet, who realized that he could only destroy the life of the domain investor, his btech 1993 ee classmate he HATED, only if he FAKED help to pretend that she was a proxy for him and he was doing everything for her

In reality, the mhow monster puneet had never helped the domain investor, like other powerful ntro/raw/cbi employees he had never contacted the domain investor since she is a harmless private citizen, a low status powerless person, never helped her in any way. Yet being an excellent actor, who was called dev anand in his college days for his acting and mimicry skills, the cunning fraud mhow monster puneet managed to dupe everyone in the government, companies,countries and people worldwide with his fake claims about domain ownership, fake help

Usually if anyone is making defamatory allegations against a close friend or family member, if a person values the relationship, he will ask the friend or family member his or her side of the story. Though he pretended he was helping, the cunning cruel mhow monster puneet actually hated the domain investor, so when any cheater made up fake stories of cheating regarding this and other domains, he immediately rewarded the cheater for criminally defaming the domain investor who he HATED using her money, without telling her anything and without asking the liar cheater any kind of proof.

Since the cheater liar puneet was rewarding everyone for CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the domain investor he HATED, for their fake cheating stories, allegedly a large number of cheaters made up fake stories, since the liar puneet was paying them without asking them for any proof, using the money he had stolen from the domain investor. The domain investor was mentally tortured, stalking her, spreading false rumors, but the fraud ntro/raw employees did not provide any information directly, till date the domain investor does not have any direct information. The domain investor was initially patient for 6-7 years, then she slowly realized that criminally defaming her was part of the extremely lucrative EXTORTION RACKET of ntro, raw, cbi allegedly supported by google, tata, amazon, indian tech and internet companies

For more details, listing your onions, onion product or if any clarifications are needed send an email to This website has not been updated since 2015, since the domain investor had very little free time, since she was fighting the elaborate and extremely sophisticated criminal defamation, cybercrime, sex, bribery racket, financial fraud of high status powerful gujju/sindhi officials since 2010

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